No Mud, but Sweat and a Few Tears

Another run, another flooded river; this time it was the Quaggy, a tributary of the Ravensbourne. The plan was 8 miles at around marathon pace, at just under 8 minute miling, and to make life a little easier, most of the run was loops around Sutcliffe Park which is flat and has no roads to cross and break up the pace.

There were quite a few other runners out too, the laps around the edge mean you see runners going the opposite direction quite frequently on the 0.9 mile loop. In their number were three young women, obviously just starting out running and doing the beginners mix of running and walking; I smiled and nodded encouragement each time I passed them. On my final lap before heading home, they all in stopped in one corner of the park and clapped me as I went past. In nearly 20 years of running, I have never experienced anything like that when out training and it brought a few tears to my eyes.

I made a slight detour on the way home to see whether Manor House Gardens still had then pine fresh smell that I had noticed on Friday morning – it did, Lewisham Council still haven’t shifted the hundreds of Christmas trees that have been there since Twelfth Night and before…..

As for the rest of the week’s training
Monday – gentle runs along Waterlink Way to work and back home along main roads as my legs were still tired from Saturday’s cross country, just over 8 miles in total
Wednesday -16 miles at 8:30, although the last mile and a half were a real struggle
Friday – same as Monday, the run home had been ‘pencilled in’ for a tempo run but I had a slightly tight hamstring so thought better of it

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the week’s training.


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