180 is the Magic Number

A couple of days ago I found a good link from one of the running blogs that I follow, Running on Healthy, about good running ‘form’
The 4 main principles are:
1. Posture
2. Midfoot strike
3. Cadence
4. Leaning
I think that I do most of the things suggested but wasn’t sure about my cadence (steps per minute) was the suggested 180 (90 steps per foot) per minute. I gave it a try in my 8 mile easy paced run this morning and I was quite close – I need to try it out now on some faster and longer runs.
There is more about good form running here

The rest of this week’s running fayre included
– 6×400 m hill reps on Crystal Palace Park Road, the fifth one somewhat annoyed a cyclist on a rather nice looking Specialized bike whom I overtook at one point ….
– 16.7 mile @ 8:23 miling
– a 3.5 mile tempo run

Surprise, surprise pine fresh running is still available in Lewisham, both last week’s location in Manor House Gardens and another in Mounsfield Park, were still full of Christmas trees – 3 weeks after Twelfth Night ….


And finally …..it is

20140126-154554.jpg days to go until the London Marathon……it doesn’t seem very long…


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