Marathon Training – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Less than seven weeks until, all being well, I line up on Blackheath with around 40,000 others at the start of the London Marathon…..

The good – the psychological 20 mile barrier was broken quite comfortably this week, with 20.1 miles @ 8:25 on Wednesday evening, including a fair number of hills, which I was pleased with after quite a tough week last week. There were also a few signs of Spring in Greenwich Park, with a few croci out in the remains of Montagu House.

The bad – both speed sessions were a real struggle this week, the tempo run struggled to stay at tempo pace and the 4 x 1 mile intervals became 3 and a bit; I told myself that I had a really tough couple of weeks so it was not that surprising but it was still a little disappointing. I also forgot to take my phone with me on a short lunchtime recovery run and so missed capturing for posterity a very happy Labrador barking at some oblivious Mallards on the other side of the River Pool whilst a Kingfisher swooped across the surface of the water.

The ugly – aches and pains are starting to kick in a bit, so in addition to the usual mixture of ice, compression socks and stretching I added a physio roller to the self treatment armoury. It looks like an elongated tractor tyre and produces a significant amount of discomfort – so it must be working …..



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