A Bad Week For Running, But a Mystery Solved

After a winter largely free from illness, the first signs of Spring brought a sore throat, sneezing and a couple of days fighting off a temperature, and as a result, no running for 6 days.

This morning’s easy paced come-back run was in near perfect conditions, a sunny 14°C and lots more flowers out in Greenwich Park.



With less time spent running this week, I have had a bit more free time and one of the things that I used it for was prompted by an interesting post on the Thames Facing East blog which provoked some discussion between us about the Upper Kid Brook. It got me thinking about the course of Middle Kid Brook and where it joined the Quaggy.

The answer is that it doesn’t. Something on a map on the Ideal Homes site (see below), a run through the Cator Estate, some poking about in some undergrowth with the resultant ‘what on earth are you doing’ from the bemused owner, followed by an interesting conversation with her, confirmed that the Middle Kid Brook doesn’t just disappear off the map, it disappears into a ‘sink’ between Lee Road and Park Gate. I will probably do a bit more on this in the future, as there are several other places where the remains of the Brook are just about visible.



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