Marathon Training – The Calm Before the Storm

In two weeks time, I will hopefully have had a post race massage and be on my way home having completed the London Marathon, it all seems rather close now!

With the last of the long runs completed last week, this was the first week of the taper. My long run was only 15 miles at an average of 8:44 pace, my legs wanted to go faster and it seemed to take ages to get into evenly paced running. This week also saw my last hard speed session – a 3.5 mile tempo run.

As Is usually the case at this stage of training, my legs now feel quite leaden but, based on past experience, I know (hope) that this will all disappear once I cross the start line. Today’s run took me past Morden College, with some late daffodils in full bloom.



2 thoughts on “Marathon Training – The Calm Before the Storm

    1. runner500 Post author

      I was quite surprised when I saw the daffodils, a lot of the others around here are either over or a couple of weeks past their best, and with such a good backdrop.


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