Getting Back to Normal

This was the first almost normal week’s worth of running since the London Marathon and it felt pretty good!

I ran some intervals around the almost mile perimeter of Sutcliffe Park on Friday morning – 4 x 400m at around 5:55, although the first one was far too fast; and then 2 x 800m at 6:40, the second was a real struggle. Normally there would have been a couple more 800m ‘reps’ but it was a start though, and no after effects, so quite pleasing.

This morning’s 9.5 mile run in the sun included Charlton and the Thames Path – I stopped briefly to look at the old gateway to Charlton House which became redundant in 1829 when Maryon-Wilson family built a new entrance and drive.

Further along the broom on the waste ground above the park named after the former owners of Charlton House was almost in full bloom.

The Thames was vey still with little of the prevailing westerly breeze and so there were some pleasant hints of reflections of both Canary Wharf and the moored boats.



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