A Good Year for the Roses …..

….. and a slightly better week for running.

The roses in the gardens of the Maritime Museum were looking great on my run through Greenwich Park and the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College, particularly the pink-tinged ‘Peace’ in the Titanic Memorial Garden.

My mid-week long run of the week was back up to 11.5 miles, 5 laps of a loop around Beckenham Place Park, with two hills each lap – one long slog up past the decaying mansion, and one short, sharp climb which felt easy at the time.

The down side was that it took a bit more out of me than I realised at the time and Friday’s 8 x 400 metres along the Rivers Pool and Ravensbourne became 6 and a struggle. On the plus side, Monday’s tempo run was a little quicker than last week but without seeming to be any harder.



2 thoughts on “A Good Year for the Roses …..

    1. runner500 Post author

      It has been a fantastic year for roses this year and the backdrops in Greenwich Park and the areas around are wonderful. Thanks for reciprocating the visit!


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