Caution, Runners!

No running for me this weekend – instead I was a marshal at my club’s annual 10k road race in and around Beckenham Place Park.

Despite missing out on my Sunday morning run, it is something I always enjoy – there were around 180 runners of a wide range of abilities, with times varying from under 35 minutes to well over twice that, there were runners with perfect ‘form’ to one of the most one of the most flat footed runners I have ever seen (or heard), none of these though…..

One runner was missing though, he hasn’t been for a couple of years, Bob from a club on the eastern edge of London. He used to be a regular feature of the race – well into his 70s doing a mixture or running and walking, but always thanked the marshals as he went past – he knew us and we remembered him. And two of us remembered him fondly today as we walked back to the club after the last runner had passed us – the position that Bob was usually in – the lanterne rouge.

As for my running, the tempo run was slightly longer, my mid week long run was just over the half marathon and an extra 800 rep squeezed out of my legs, definitely better than last week.



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