Running and Walking

Today’s run was to do a walk. There was an Open Day at Ladywell and Brockley Cemetery with several very good, well organised walks during the day by the Friends of the Cemetery. While I knew much of the history of the cemetery, I found out the locations of several graves that I have been unsuccessfully looking for a while – notably the one for the artist and poet David Jones and, in the undergrowth behind it, the weathered gravestone of the Cuban anarchist writer Fernando Tarrida del Mármol.

Earlier in the week, my legs were very tired from their Tour de France route exertions last Sunday, effectively the two longest hill reps I have ever done, so my planned intervals on Tuesday were abandoned before they even started.

My long run though is slowly getting back to a reasonable length – this week’s was 14 miles over fairly hill terrain.

The other walking this week was along the final mile or so of the London Marathon route – which doubled up on Monday as the finish to Stage 3 of the Tour de France. The flamme rouge, was roughly where the 800 metres to go marker is for the marathon but the finish was a little further down The Mall, although the backdrop was exactly the same as was the atmosphere created by the 2 million lining the route. The end result was the same as Stage 1, with a Kittel, Sagan 1, 2.



2 thoughts on “Running and Walking

    1. runner500 Post author

      It is beautiful isn’t it? There are several lovely Victorian cemeteries I include in runs, they tend to be over grown and have a fantastic biodiversity for inner London.


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