Down by the River

I had another trip to Battersea Park during the week to do my second post injury 5k. There was a bit of breeze alongside the Thames between the Chelsea and Albert Bridges, but the one and three quarter lap route avoids the embankment, so it was very warm and very sticky – conditions that I normally wilt in. So in the end, I was pleased with holding it together and an 18 second improvement on last time out to 21:45, despite tiring a lot in the last 600m or so.

The week’s runs have all been dominated by heat and high humidity, my long run this morning was around 12 miles, mainly along the Thames Path a lot further downstream from Battersea around Woolwich and Greenwich. It was a couple of miles shorter than I planned but the conditions took their toll.

Talking of tolls the hexagonal structure on the Albert Bridge was the original toll booth for the bridge, installed when it was constructed in 1873, but the bridge failed to make much money and it was taken into public ownership in 1879, and became free to cross.


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