Rhedeg Mynydd y Dref

…….or Running Conwy Mountain. Last week I was staying in a house at the side of Conwy marina, the view from the front was dominated by the bulk of the Mynydd y Dref, whose peak is at 244 metres (801 feet, for you non-metric people).

Despite never having attempted anything similar, a run up to the peak seemed a natural thing to do. It was easier than I expected and almost all the stops I made were due to having to scramble over rocky outcrops or bits that we’re just too steep to run. The views though when I stopped were wonderful, particularly down the ridge to Conwy and its castle.

The summit was home to an Iron Age fort and offered some superb views of the the lower hills and mountains at the edge of Snowdonia.

Coming down was fantastic, other than the really rocky bits, I just let gravity do its job. Sadly, there aren’t that any climbs like that in the south east, so it is an experience that I won’t be repeating for a while

I saw more horses than people on the run, in fact the only other human seen on the ‘mountain’ was another runner who assumed that I was a local and greeted me in Welsh.

And finally, apologies if Google translate has massacred the title’s beautiful Welsh language which has provided one of the longest place names in the world.



2 thoughts on “Rhedeg Mynydd y Dref

  1. WalkToRio

    I love the 3rd and 4th pic, all of them are nice, but those 2 are amazing.
    You feel more comfy going uphill or downhill?

    1. runner500 Post author

      Thanks! I have always been quite a good climber but nothing like that before and was a little surprised and pleased with how easy I found the ascent. I have always been a slightly nervous descender after a cycle crash, but I loved the descent and wanted it to go on much longer!


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