Remembering the World War 1 Dead in Lee & Lewisham

In Knutsford they have had a lovely idea to commemorate the WW1 fallen in the streets where they lived by giving residents stickers to put in windows of the homes where the soldiers and sailors lived. While it is too late to do this for 2014, it got me thinking about remembering some of the WW1 dead in my area who would have been the neighbors and friends of the people who lived in my home 100 years ago. Perhaps they drank together in the Woodman, or watched films together at Lee Picture Palace, possibly they were members of the congregation at Holy Trinity on Glenton Road, or just fellow passengers from Hither Green. It isn’t an extensive or thorough listing but just some of the soldiers and sailors who lived in streets around me who lost their lives during World War 1. Households in Lochaber and Boones Roads were particularly badly hit.
24 Brandram Road
James Thomas Sadgrove, London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) died in France on 6 September 1916, aged 23.

Leonard Stephen Sadgrove, Royal Fusiliers 23rd Bn., died in France 7 September 1918, aged 18.

1 Bankwell Road
William Henry Hale, Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, died in Belgium near Ypres on 12 April 1918 aged 19.

46 Manor Lane
William W Preece ,Mercantile Marine – S.S. “Persia” (Greenock), died when torpedoed by U Boat off Crete 30 December 1915, aged 26.

28 Boones Road
Timothy Albert Wakeman, Royal Field Artillery “D” Bty. 80th Brigade, died in France on 7 August 1916 aged 21

34 Dacre Street
Frank Edward Willgress, East Surrey Regiment “C” Company, 8thg Battalion, died in France on 6 July 1916 aged 20.

4 Aislibie Road
Nevins Robert Potter, Royal Field Artillery, 4th London Brigade, died in Greece on 23 October 1915, aged 22.

4 Chalcroft Road
Walter Stanley Arnold Clarke, Dorsetshire Regiment, 6th Battalion, died in France on 10 July 1916 aged 22.

10 Murillo Road
Harold Stephen Tovey, London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade), died in Belgium on 20 September 1917 aged 19.

37 Lochaber Road
Charles Frederick Upton, Sailor, Mercantile Marine , S.S. “Ausonia” (Liverpool), died when boat torpedoed on 30 May 1918 around Fastnet (south of Ireland), aged 19.

25 Church Street, Lee
William Henry Davey (Military Cross) London Regiment, Royal Fusiliers, died in France, 9 September 1916, aged 21.

Source for all this information Commonwealth War Graves Commission.



9 thoughts on “Remembering the World War 1 Dead in Lee & Lewisham

  1. Candy Blackham

    This is a good idea; perhaps we should try to make it happen next year? I have been watching the Cenotaph Ceremony on TV and it is truly humbling that so many young men were prepared to fight. Our politicians looked suitably subdued.

    1. runner500 Post author

      I think it is something worth thinking about – I was planning to revisit the idea next spring and try to get a few groups involved, perhaps piloting one or two areas in 2015. I’ll keep you posted.

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    1. Paul B Post author

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, I have got confused between Boones Road and Boone Street before, the map on the link below is from the 1860s and marks them both. I think that it dated from around the 1820s – it was on the edge of Lee New Town which I have also posted on – it was slightly more well to do when Booth visited.

  3. Mrs Dawn porter

    My dad was nephew of frank edward willgress,also he was named after him so had the exact same dad was taken to hospital on 6th July 2016 exactly 100 years after his uncle got killed,he died a few days dad’s family moved to lambourn berkshire in ww2 to stay with relatives and then settled there. Dawn porter

    1. Paul B Post author

      What a co-incidence with the dates! Do you know anything more about your Dad’s nephew – it would be fascinating to hear, and perhaps include in an update to the post. Thank you for visiting Dawn.

  4. Mrs Dawn porter

    I have photos of my dad taken in church st with jimmy and Eddie Parrish and in the background is a sign saying E ,LOOK,motor removals and general haulage.Also a photo of him with Rene Ephgrave.My dad’s uncle on his mum’s family was Alfred Thomas Hearnden he was killed in ww2 2-12-1944 aged 31,son of alfred earnest and Susan Jane Hearnden.I can put photos on if anyone is interested

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