Prefabs from Above

Possibly finding the remains of former air shelters from Google’s aerial views of Manor House Gardens and the picture from the fantastic Britain from Above of the former Oxo playing fields on the borders of Downham when I was following the meridian got me thinking – was there anything else that might be of interest? Having seen a picture of some prefabs from the air during the construction of the Brandon Estate in Walworth, I decided to see what evidence of prefabs I could find in Greenwich and Lewisham.

While there was nothing on the Excalibur Estate, which I visited earlier in the year, there were indeed several aerial shots from the Britain from above site – including this one of Rectory Field in Charlton from 1947, which also shows the Cherry Orchard estate being constructed.


Two sets are also visible on the edge Blackheath – one in the bottom left, adjacent to St German’s Road and the other next to the junction of Mounts Pond Road and Wat Tyler Road (they were known as Holly Hedge Bungalows) in the top left looking towards a Lewisham, almost unrecognisable without the tall buildings.


While there are currently no aerial photos of Hillyfields available, however, the marks left behind by the Arcon bungalows are very clear are on Adelaide Avenue close to junction with Eastern Ave. It was fortunate that when Google were photographing that it was a very dry summer – there was no evidence on the ground this year.

There are also several visible through the trees on Montague Avenue, and a few marks on Hillyfields Crescent but the trees and the most disturbed nature of the ground there, there was a brick factory there in the past, make them less distinct.



7 thoughts on “Prefabs from Above

    1. runner500 Post author

      Thanks, I think that there were quite a lot up there weren’t there? I know that a few on Erindale Terrace and quite a lot on Camdale Road which survived until around the late 1990s. I did look for aerial photos etc from there, but sadly couldn’t find anything.

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