Small Steps

I lasted posted about my recovery towards running after a serious accident in January a couple of weeks ago.  At that stage I was off painkillers, my movement had improved and had started some urban wandering.

My urban exploration has continued and as my fitness has improved the length of my wanderings increased up to around 5 miles at the beginning of the week – this included Greenwich and the Thames, both of which it seemed psychologically important to see; the sun glinting through the cupola of the Foot Tunnel was exquisite.

A few days earlier I realised that, had I been running, I would have missed some 18th century graffiti in St Margaret’s Passage, which I wrote about a few days ago, as well as the lines and patterns in the bark in Greenwich.

The light in Blackheath yesterday around Morden College and the Paragon were superb. 

I am now working again, a mixture of working from home, working in the office and a reducing amount of being ‘signed off’ as ‘unfit’.  My first half day back was very emotional, I was reduced to a blubbering wreck several times, and needed a wander around Crystal Palace Park under the watchful eyes of Joseph Paxton to recover.

Running is still at least a month off – I need the all clear from an x-ray – but in the meantime, as one of my friends keeps telling me – ‘keeping taking those small steps to recovery.’


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