A Spring in my Step

The skies were leaden with nimbostratus clouds as I left home and the brisk westerly wind thinned and thickened the cloud to change the colours from charcoal to light aluminium and back to battleship as I followed a fairly standard route from my repertoire – a loop edging the Heath, passing Charlton House before dropping down through Maryon Wilson Park to the Thames Barrier, following the River and then heading home back up the escarpment through Westcombe Park.


It was just over six months since I had run the route, the sky had been almost azure that morning and the colours intense in the winter sun – the two pictures of Angerstein Wharf tell a tale.


Today was an important milestone though, it was the first time post-accident that I had ventured more than a couple of miles away from home or from my car.  The pace for the 8.2 miles may have been slower than last time – 3.4 times faster than a British spring (around 9:15 pace), compared with a pre-accident speed of 3.8 times faster (8:15 pace).  The speed will come back eventually though – today was just about getting back to normal.



6 thoughts on “A Spring in my Step

  1. lloydsloops

    oft, it is those challenges which make the rewards so much sweeter
    of course we may wish some things were different
    but in the event, as they are
    your joy today must have been profound
    well done, keep going, keep keep going

    1. runner500 Post author

      Thank you – beautifully put. It was a wonderful feeling, my legs felt good and running felt natural rather a bit forced on a long run for the first time, and yes, as I crossed the Heath, I did get a bit emotional.

    1. runner500 Post author

      Thanks – you are right it felt utterly fantastic – I hadn’t realised how important it would feel until I was nearly home and it was still felling it easy – it brought a few tears to my eyes as I crossed the Heath.


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