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Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3

…. well Part 2, if I am honest…. but a chance listening to Ian Dury’s song, got me thinking positive thoughts.

My last post about not-running saw me returned home after a serious accident and an operation to fix a cracked vertebra in my neck.

While I am some distance off running, there have been some massive steps forward on the road to recovery. The pain is reduced, I have weened myself off painkillers, I am sleeping normally, my mobility is much improved and I am attempting to maintain my cardio-vascular fitness with something that is in practice close to an indoor recumbent cycle.

More importantly though, while I am while off being able to lace up my running shoes, I am getting out and about on foot with my walks getting up to just over 2 miles (3 km for you metric people). My urban wanderings have taken me to some of my frequent running haunts – St Margaret’s Churchyards, the refurbished 1882 lychgate to the new churchyard is above, and the tomb of the Boone family, who lived at Lee Place, from the old is below.

I passed the blue plaque of polar explorer James Clark Ross in Eliot Place, on the edge of Blackheath, which I had oddly never noticed before.

And the detail on the Blackheath Concert Halls which I have seen hundreds of times before but never tire of.

A midweek walk, was to somewhere where I have done cross country races, Oxleas Woods, and with the level of mud some 15 mm spikes would have not gone amiss. The light was beautiful and the views towards western fringes of Kent magnificent.

I can be cheerful though because I know that I am lucky, given the speed I seem to have been hit at it was probably 50:50 as to whether I lived or died. That my body and brain are both functioning still amazes me a month on, and there are still tears of joy at odd moments several times a weeks. I look forward to running but, for now, I am just content to be able to still wander.