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Marathon Training – Turning to Plan B

After last week’s trials and tribulations in terms of speed work, I tried a different tack this week – making sure I got one good long interval session in rather than 2 mediocre ones and sped up my long run a little.

It seems to have worked ……. Today I did a 4×1 mile session at a little faster than last year’s 10k pace, it was a big improvement from last week.

The long run was much better too – I did 20.2 @ 8:10 on Wednesday evening, it would have been 4-5 seconds a mile quicker had it not been for being part of a club group for 4 miles of that was averaging around 8:40.

There are a lot more early signs of Spring this week – there is a flowering cherry, at least I think it is, alongside the River Pool that is glorious for about a week, and this was the week ….