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Dodging the Showers

Today’s run very nearly got off to a very bad start as another runner hurtling down St Margaret’s Passage almost lost his balance on some wet leaves and nearly took me out. Fortunately, he regained it just in time and we both went on our way.

The light between the morning’s showers was clear and bright with the Wembley arch and Alexandra Palace both visible from The Point.

The church tower and spire of two incarnations of St Margaret and the spire of Our Ladye Star of the Sea almost glowed in the late morning sun.

Elsewhere someone had given a bit of tender, loving care to the Cattle Trough at the top of Hyde Vale for the first time in a while.

The other highlights of the week’s running were a midweek 11 miles which included Beckenham’s traditional Christmas Lights run past a house covered in lights and Bromley’s High Street, as well as a set of 6 x 800 metre intervals.